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Why have motorised blinds?


Motorised blinds offer increased convenience. Although operating manual blinds isn’t usually that difficult, neither is operating your TV to adjust the volume or to change the channel but how many of us operate a TV now by actually getting up and touching it, it’s all done by remote control. So why should you not have the same convenience with your blinds?

motorised side blinds - Marla conservatory blinds
Child Safety

A very good reason for motorised blinds is child safety. There have been far too many accidents involving children being caught in blind operating cords and although there is now legislation regarding blind cords, their lengths and how blind controls should be secured, motorised blinds are inherently safe by design as they remove the need for operating cords altogether and therefore remove the potential danger to children.

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Compliment the aesthetics of your home

In today’s modern home less is more. You may not want to see operating cords hanging down from your blinds or cleats attached to your wall, you may just want clean uncluttered lines and with motorised blinds this can be easily achieved and when combined with recessed ceilings or pelmets, your motorised blinds once raised will become invisible

Smart Home Integration

In conjunction with Somfy TaHoma, motorised blinds can be integrated with lights, thermostats, awnings, locks and many other smart appliances. You can set your blinds to close If your awning is automatically retracted due to high wind but you still want to protect your interior furnishings, you can set your blinds to close when you turn on your TV, you can set them to open if the room drops below a certain temperature and you want the winter sun to heat the room and you can even operate your blinds with your voice if they are integrated with a home hub such as Alexa or Google.

Somfy Tahoma automation

Making your blinds more accessible – Since the introduction of the child safe regulations the operating cords on blinds quite often have to be tethered to the wall or the window frame which can sometimes make operating the blind difficult if you have to reach across a sink.

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Maybe the blinds are on the landing of stairs, above a bed or there is furniture in front of the blinds or it may just be that blinds are fitted at a high level. Operating them is no longer a problem with motorised blinds, at the touch of a button your blinds will open and close as required.

Ease of use

Operating blinds for the elderly and disabled can also sometimes be a challenge. Elderly and disabled persons may not have the dexterity in their fingers to operate the blinds.

They may find it difficult getting up out of a chair, they may find it difficult walking around the room, they may want to open a bedroom blind in the morning whilst not actually wishing to get out of bed, all of which can present a challengebut with motorised blinds, again, with the touch of a button either by hand held remote or a wall switch the blinds can be opened and closed as required with minimum effort.

Protect your furnishings

The Suns UV rays can be damaging to furniture, carpets, paintings and other items of furnishings within your home.

With a remote control you can remain seated and at the touch of a button you can open and close your blinds as many times as you wish. Even if you’re not home, with motorised blinds you have the ability, with accessories such as timers and sun sensors, to programme your blinds to open and close automatically at certain times of the day.

BBSA energy saving leaflet
Saving Energy

Motorised blinds also enable you to save energy. if your blinds are connected to a home hub or a sun sensor the blinds can be automatically adjusted to open or close Meaning that in summer on a sunny day the sun sensor will automatically close your blinds therefore reducing the heat build-up in the room and if you have air conditioning it will not be required to work so hard and therefore reducing your energy consumption and costs. in the winter your blinds can be opened automatically to allow the sun to heat up a room therefore reducing the need for heating and once again reducing your energy consumption and costs

Enhanced Security

Making your home appear as though it is occupied is an effective way to detour would be intruders. With your blinds connected to a timer, you can set open and close positions at different times throughout the day or with your blinds connected to a home hub you can control them from anywhere and again making it appear as though your home is occupied

Tahoma interface

Motorised blinds offer convenience, safety, security and can help to save energy, automatically or at the touch of a button.

Why would you not have motorised blinds?

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