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Somfy TaHoma – Home Automation System

With the new Somfy TaHoma application you Somfy Tahoma Videohave complete control of your blinds, curtains, awnings and many other electrical items such as garage doors, lighting, etc.

Regardless of whether you are at home, at your work or even away on holiday, with Somfy TaHoma you are always in control.

The TaHoma interface is a simple and user-friendly Web management interface that lets you control all your equipment from a computer, tablet, or smartphone. TaHoma is compatible with numerous radio protocols, like RTS®, RTD® and io-homecontrol®.

Somfy Tahoma Interface

The TaHoma box adds a touch of clever innovation to your home! From the installation of your first motorised blind, you have complete control from a computer, smartphone or tablet device.

TaHoma allows you to control multiple blinds or groups of blinds at once with scenario settings and personalise your TaHoma home automation system to suit your lifestyle with smart programming features that ensure your blinds always works to your schedule.

Benefits of the Tahoma home automation system,

Simplicity – The TaHoma Box enables you to easily control your blinds utilising the TaHoma interface.
Accessible – TaHoma is can be installed without the need for structural work and is compatible with newbuilds or renovations.
Upgradable – TaHoma can be adapted as your requirements change. New blinds and curtains an be added whenever you want.
Multi-protocol – TaHoma is compatible with the industry standard protocols including, RTS®, RTD®, Amazon alexa, Velux, io-homecontrol®, Honeywell, Zwave etc.
Energy Saving & Security – As well as delivering complete comfort and control, TaHoma also offers energy saving benefits, with sun sensors that automatically adjust your blinds or shutters to keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter. And with email alerts, coupled with the ability to remotely adjust your home’s blinds, curtains and shutters, you can rest assured that your home is secure at all times.

Tahoma home automation summary

  • Intuitive interface and easy to program
  • Compatible with expert partners and over 100 Somfy RTS & io homecontrol products
  • Improved security, comfort and energy saving benefits
  • Week and year diary programming for home management that fits your lifestyle
  • Control multiple blinds at once with scenario settings
  • Automate control by sensor or schedule with smart programming
  • Receive email alerts to always stay on top of things
  • Comes with a comprehensive 2 year warranty
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