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Choose the comfort of automated blinds

Automated Blinds - A breath of fresh air:

Come home to a cool house in summer. Your blinds and curtains automatically keep most of the heat out while you are away. With Somfy, your home automatically stays cool in summer. True comfort. Day and night.

Keep every unwanted ray of sunlight – i.e. heat – out of your home at all times. With the TaHoma switch smart control, you control the automation of all your blinds and shutters centrally. Cooler and more secure. A true breath of fresh air!

Cool home - ultimate comfort

Our summers are getting increasingly warmer. As a result, the temperature in your home often rises to an uncomfortable level.

The most efficient and energy-efficient way to deal with this, is to prevent the house from heating up in the first place. Thus, by keeping sunlight, and therefore heat, out with blinds, awnings or curtains.

This is best achieved by using the Thermal Comfort Scenario of the TaHoma switch smart control, paired with a Sunis II WireFree sun sensor if so desired, even when the occupants are not at home.

TaHoma switch smart control

The TaHoma® interface is a simple and user-friendly Web management interface that lets you control all your equipment from a computer, tablet, or smartphone. TaHoma® is compatible with numerous radio protocols, like RTS®, RTD® and io-homecontrol®.

  • From the touch of a button, to app control, all the way to voice control, TaHoma switch offers an accessible to all and scalable smart home solution.
  • Tahoma switch is an evolutive solution, that allows you to add equipment as would like.
  • TaHoma switch is also compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa enlarging the user experience to voice control.

Zonsensor – Sunis WireFree II io

Wireless sun sensor for TaHoma.

  • Wireless facade sensor. Can be placed anywhere. No cabling.
  • For quicker installation and more efficiency. Put it at the right place.

Sun detection

  • Automatically lowers or raises the application depending on the intensity of the sunshine and a pre-set threshold.
  • This new generation of sun sensor can be programmed directly through the Somfy Smart Home control, TaHoma.

Settings from a distance

  • The sun sensitivity threshold can be adjusted via TaHoma
  • You have the choise between the standard sun function without feedback and the comfort sun function with feedback in combination with the Smart Home systems from Somfy.
  • Easy activation and deactivation of the sun function

Marla Custom Blinds are an accredited Somfy Expert partner which means that we receive continuous training on Somfy products so we can specify the best product to suit your needs. We are knowledgeable on all of the different Somfy motor and control options so that you don’t have to think about it. Whether you’re looking for a single motorised awning or want to automate your entire office, the process is effortless with a Somfy expert partner.

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