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What Do Electric Blinds Cost?

What do electric blinds cost & what affects the cost?

As with any blind, cost will vary depending on factors such as

  • window size, the type of blinds
  • the type of fabric or material used
  • complexity of installation.

With electric blinds there are additional factors such as

  • how are the blinds to be powered
  • how are they to be controlled (individually or as a group)
  • are they to be integrated with a smart home system
  • additional installation time

All of these additional factors for motorised blinds will impact upon the final cost.

Motorised Roller Blinds

Cost of motors.

There are 3 main types of motor for electric blinds

  • 240v – typical starting cost around £200
  • 24v – typical staring cost around £150
  • Battery powered – typical starting cost around £100

At first glance it would appear that the 240v motor is the most expensive option but if there is a power supply where the blind is to be fiited then there is a considerable time saving for installation and this cost saving could reduce the overall cost significantly making the 240v motor a viable option.

Likewise, the 24v motor and battery motor options may seem to be less expensive than the 240v motor but when you start adding transformers for the 24v motors and the additional installation time or batteries and battery chargers for the battery motor then the cost of these 2 options can start to creep up.

The choice of motor for your blinds will depend on several factors including the type and size of the blinds, where the blinds are being fitted, where the power source is situated or even if there is a power source available and is usually a balance between what is possible,your individual requirements and the budget you have available.

Costs of controllers.

Remote Control: Typical cost from £45.00
Most electric blinds come with a wireless handheld remote control that allows you to open, close, and adjust the blinds’ position with ease. These handheld remote controls can be single or multi channel and can have buttons for different presets or manual adjustments.

Somfu single channel remote handset

Wall Switches: Typicals cost from £30.00
Wall-mounted switches can be installed as an option to handhel remote control to control the electric blinds. Wall switches are generally also wireless remote control but can be hard wired if necessary. These switches are convenient when you want a fixed control point in a room.

Somfy wall switch

Smartphone App:Typicals cost – usually free
Many modern electric blinds can be controlled through smartphone apps. Manufacturers generally offer their dedicated apps that connect to the blinds via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, enabling remote control from your smartphone or tablet.

Somfy smartphone app

Home Automation / Remote Control Hub: Typical cost from £190
Most electric blinds can have a separate hub or bridge, such as the Somfy Tahoma, to connect to your Wi-Fi network or smart home system. The home hub is usually compatible with popular voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple’s Siri which will enable voice control allowing you to open or close your blinds using voice commands.

Cost of installation.

Type of motors: What type of motor is used? 240v motors will require a power source, ideally at the head of the blind. 24v motors will require transformers and wiring from a 240v power source using low voltage wire.  Assuming a 240v motor has a power supply at the head of the blind then the 24v motors probably require the most installation time with battery motors requiring the least installation time.

Number of controls: Do the blinds require a receiver per blind that needs wiring in? Do transformers need wiring in?
The more controls required, the more installation required and so affecting the cost.

Smart Home Integration: If you wish for smart electric blinds that can be controlled through a smartphone app or integrated into a smart home system with a home hub, there may be additional setup and configuration costs.

Electrical Work: If you have 240v motors and there is no existing electrical wiring at the windows for electric blinds, additional electrical work may be required which will again add to the overall cost of the installation.

As can be seen, there are several factors which affect the cost of electric blinds, so to get an idea of the cost for supplying and installing electric blinds in your specific situation, give us a call and we can arrange a visit, assess your specific requirements, provide personalised recommendations, and give you an accurate quotation.

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