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Why have motorised blinds?

Motorised blinds offer increased convenience. Although operating manual blinds isn't usually that difficult, neither is operating your TV to adjust the volume or to change the channel but how many of us operate a TV now by actually getting up and touching it, it's all done by remote control. So why should you not have the same convenience with your blinds?
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Condensation and Mould Growth

INTRODUCTION The increased incidence of condensation in today’s buildings is the direct result of changes in modern living conditions which have led to warmer and more insulated homes. These changes have created rooms which often have less ventilation and fewer…

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Solar Shading

Solar shading helps to create productive and healthy environments In a typical commercial office building, 80-90% of the costs are attributable to the people who work in it – so providing solar shading to ensure the comfort of this expensive…

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