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Blinds For Gable End Windows

Gable end window blinds are becoming more popular with the increase in popularity of gable end windows. This type of window will flood your room with natural light, may take advantage of a stunning view and can very often be from floor to ceiling making your room feel open and spacious.

Whilst this style of window may be aesthetically stunning, they can present some significant challenges when it comes to the practicalities of light control, heat gain and privacy. This is when a bespoke window blind which is designed, manufactured and installed specifically to fit your gable end window can very often provide a perfect solution.

Traditional shading solutions such as curtains can come with a compromise. Curtains may billow, they will completely cover the design feature of the window when drawn across the window and even when drawn back, some aspect of the gable end design could be lost.

Other options available can be sloped vertical blinds, shaped roller blinds, shaped pleated rooflite blinds and even shaped metal or wood venetian blinds and whilst these might be a solution in certain situations, they are not suitable for situations and even when one of these options can be used, generally there is still a compromise.

If you are requiring a shading solution for a gable end window in maybe a conservatory, a barn conversion lounge area or possibly a bedroom in a new build, we believe you will want to achieve a balance between the following factors

• visual appeal of the window covering
• retaining the design feature of the window
• the budget you have available
• functionality of the blinds (will they achieve what you want them to achieve)
• how are you going to operate the blinds?

In our experience we believe there are 3 options which are suitable for the majority of gable end windows. These 3 options allow you to achieve a balance between the factor listed above whilst you having to make no or very little compromise.

Pleated slope top blinds – are a unique, unobtrusive, solution which eliminates the compromises that have to be accepted with other shading options and when shading is not required, the slope top pleated blinds will retract completely leaving an unobstructed view and retaining he design feature of your window.

Available in an array of fabrics, ranging from the single pleat fabrics, the majority of which are available with a solar reflective backing as standard which helps reduce heat gain and glare, through to the Duette cellular range of pleated fabrics which again reduce heat gain and glare but also, due to their cellular construction, provide greater thermal insultation by trapping air in the honeycomb cells of the fabric.

By the very nature of this style of window, many of the blinds might be high level and difficult to operate manually so for ease of use, a smarter finish and even less cords, having electric operation gives you the control of your blinds from the touch of a button.

Plantation Shutters – With their good looks, versatility, and ability to cover a large expanse of windows, shutters can in some circumstances, be an ideal solution for shading a gable end window.
Available in an inspiring choice of contemporary styles, shapes and finishes which are bespoke and made to measure to reflect the individuality of your window, shutters can help you find a stunning design solution that meets your specific needs whether your window is in a contemporary modern room, a period room or even a conservatory.

Sails – Although only really suited for conservatory gable end windows, sail blinds offer a completely new different modern contemporary look. Although sails will not give as much cover as the alternatives such as pleated slope blinds or shutters, they will allow maximum light entering the area and will greatly reduce heat gain and glare.
With no cords or wires, sails are easy to remove and store away and are machine washable to help you keep them looking as good as when they were first installed.

Whichever solution you feel may be right for you, Marla Custom Blinds have over 25 years’ experience with shading solutions for all types of windows including gable end windows and we will be happy to discuss your requirements, provide advice, costs and options to ensure you achieve the result you want at the cost you want.

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