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Energy Saving Benefits of Shutters

The massive increases in energy costs recently and growing concerns over the continuing supply of energy has meant that people have become very energy conscious and are looking at ways to reduce their energy usage and their energy costs.

Whilst not the complete solution to saving energy, shutters will always improve the heat retention properties of windows. They can help prevent heat loss through windows in the winter and thereby reduce the consumption of energy for heating.

The main energy-saving benefit of shutters is achieved by helping to prevent heat loss through windows during cold weather.

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Experts suggest that if shutters are fitted, heat loss can be reduced by as much as 50%, which is a performance that’s comparable to double glazing!

The energy-saving benefits of shutters will vary depending on many factors including type of shutters, the amount of glazing in the property and the location of your property.

Typically, the older the windows, the more energy that can be saved, as single pane and old double-glazed units will lose much more heat than modern equivalents featuring low-e coated glass and better locking systems.

About 30% of a home’s heating energy is lost through windows and according to the Carbon Trust, turning your heating down just 1 degree Celsius will reduce energy bills by 8%.

During the colder months we can use the free heat from the sun to help heat our homes by keeping our shutters open to allow the heat from the sun to enter the room and then, as the sun goes down close the shutters which will then act as an additional insulating layer to the window preventing heat loss – it’s simple and it works.

When we’re all looking to reduce our energy consumption and energy costs what better way to do so than by installing shutters which will not only improve your energy efficiency but also make your home more comfortable and improve your living environment.

The best bit – once installed, shutters are passive solutions meaning they don’t require an energy input for operation and are therefore zero cost.

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