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Keep Cool – Use your head, use your blinds

As the UK melts under the hottest day ever in July (Wednesday 1st July), Chris Evans urged his listeners on Radio 2 to close window coverings in their homes to stop them over-heating.

It’s a simple and sensible precaution particularly with external blinds and awnings and high performance internal blinds and shutters.

We only have to look to Mediterranean countries to see how they keep their buildings cool in the summer. The widespread use of external awnings prevents the heat hitting the glass and of course provides a shady haven for enjoying the outside.

Here in the UK we tend to shade our windows internally and by using fabrics which have special solar coatings on the face towards the window you can significantly reduce heat build-up. These fabrics, used predominantly on roller and vertical blinds, can reflect over 70% of heat.

British Blind and Shutter Association (BBSA) members are able to advise on the best heat rejecting blinds using performance data calculated to European standards.

Like Chris Evans the BBSA recommends closing all window blinds to help reduce heat gain with the added advantage of improving privacy and security too.

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