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The Marla Custom Blinds Price Promise

We use top quality components and fabrics in the manufacture of our blinds and this together with our in-house quality control system throughout the manufacturing process means that we believe we offer unrivaled value for money.

We will always offer you our most competitive price for the blinds you have selected and the specification you have requested but sometimes we are told that a lower price quotation has been received from an alternative company.

The reason is usually because the alternative quotation is offering one of the following

  • Blinds of a lower quality
  • Blinds with a lower specification (cheaper fabrics)
  • Shorter Guarantee periods

Unlike many of our local competitors we manufacture your conservatory blinds in our own factory and whilst we will never compromise on the quality of our blinds, by manufacturing your blinds we are able to adjust the specification to match that of alternative suppliers and then when comparing our blinds on a like for like basis we will always match the alternatives and very possibly be lower.

So, if you receive a lower quotation please let us know and if we establish that we are comparing on a like for like basis then we will not just match it but we will do our best to beat it.


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