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What do conservatory blinds cost?

What do conservatory blinds cost?

The cost of conservatory blinds can vary quite considerably depending on several factors, including

  • the type of blind required
  • how your blinds are to be operated
  • the size and style of your conservatory
  • the materials used in your blinds
  • customisation of your blinds
  • complexity of the installation
The type of blind required:
  • Roller Blinds: Roller blinds can be one of the most affordable options for conservatory blinds depending on the type of material used and the complexity of the design.
  • Vertical Blinds: Vertical blinds are another popular option for conservatories as they can cover upto 5.00 metres width and therefore several windows can be shaded with a single blind.  Fabric selection is usually the main factor which will alter the cost of a vertical blind.
  • Venetian Blinds: Venetian blinds come in various materials, including wood and aluminium, which can affect the cost. Wooden Venetian blinds are often more expensive than aluminium ones.
  • Pleated Blinds: Pleated blinds are one of the most popular choices for conservatories due to their energy efficiency, particularly Honeycombe pleated blinds. However, pleated blinds do tend to be more costly than other options that might be suitable.
How your blinds are to be operated:

Manual operation with a cord or chain has traditionally been the method to operate the majority of blinds but with the advent of Child Safe regulations new methods of operation such as wand control or tension operation have become increasingly popular. Some of the more recent methods of manual operation will have an impact on the cost of your blinds but the main change in operation that will affect the cost of your blinds is the introduction of motorised blinds.
Motorisation whilst becoming increasingly popular and costs are reducing, electric operation of your blinds will increase the cost of your conservatory blinds.

The size and style of your conservatory:

The size and style of your conservatory will directly impact the cost of blinds. Larger conservatories will typically require more blinds resulting in more materials and labour, leading to higher costs.
Conservatory roof blinds are probably most impacted by the size and style of your conservatory. Conservatory roof panels can be a variety of shapes and sizes which dictates that conservatory roof blinds also have to be a variety of shapes and sizes meaning the blinds have to be individually bespoke manufactured.
This, together with the fact that to maximise performance and ease of use, we generally recommend one blind per roof panel, the bigger the conservatory, the more shaped roof panels, the more cost.

The materials used in your blinds:

The materials used for the blinds can significantly affect the cost. Solar reflective performance fabrics that are available for roller, vertical and pleated blinds will add to the cost of your blinds. Woodslat venetian blinds manufactured with genuine wood will be more expensive than fauxwood venetian blinds and the quality and thickness of aluminium slats will affect the cost of aluminium venetian blinds.

Customisation of your blinds:

Customising or personalising your blinds will inevitably add to the cost of your blinds. If all you require is a functional roller blind for your bedroom to keep the morning daylight out then keep it plain and simple to keep the costs down.
Customisation is usually unavoidable for conservatory roof blinds and a P shape conservatory with roof panels of many different shapes and sizes will require more customisation than a standard lean-to style conservatory that has rectangular panels all of the same size.

Complexity of the installation:

How are your blinds going to be fitted?
How long is it going to take to fit the blinds?
Is there easy access to where the blinds are to be fitted?
Is the material where the blinds are to be fitted substantial enough?
These are just some of the questions that will affect the complexity of installing your blinds. Generally installing blinds to conservatory side windows is very much the same for the different types of blinds with some, such as Perfect Fit and Intu blinds being relatively quick to install.
Conservatory roof blinds however can be very time consuming to install and require a great degree of care and skill. Installing rectangular roof binds is fairly straightforward and once the top and bottom rails are fitted there is not much else to do whereas shaped roof blinds will generally require several support wires fitted after the top and bottom rails have been fitted and may require some adjustments to ensure a perfect fit.


Conservatory side window blinds – The main factors that will affect the cost of your side window blinds will probably be the type of blind you select and depending on this choice, then maybe the fabric selection will also affect the cost.

If you decide to go for motorisation, then this will increase the cost and if you want to personalise your blinds with shape bottoms and bespoke trims then again this will increase the cost of your blinds. Complexity of the installation is one of the factors that generally has the least impact on the cost of conservatory side window blinds.

Conservatory roof blinds – With conservatory roof blinds there is a much-reduced choice of blinds that are suitable with pleated blinds and roller blinds being the predominant choices and, in some situations, woodweave being an option.
Material selection will have some impact on cost, especially if a solar reflective fabric of a honeycomb pleated fabric is selected and motorisation will have a significant impact on cost but the main impact on the cost of conservatory roof blinds is the complexity and size of the conservatory. A large P shape conservatory will require many bespoke manufactured blinds and will require careful, time-consuming installation compared to a standard size lean-to conservatory that has 5 roof panels all of which are rectangular.

Marla conservatory blinds

We have a conservatory roof blinds Quick Quote calculator that enables you to instantly get an idea of the likely cost of conservatory roof blinds for your conservatory. Click here access the Quick Quote calculator.
We also have a guide “Buying Conservatory roof blinds – 12 questions to ask yourself”. This guide gives you the questions you should consider, the reason for the question and then the answers you come up with should enable you to be better prepared when you are talking to potential suppliers and will ensure you select the most suitable blinds that meet your individual requirements and budget. Click here to access the guide.

As can be seen, there are several factors that can impact on the cost of your conservatory blinds. Some impact on both conservatory side window blinds and conservatory roof blinds and some are more significant only on side window or roof blinds.
Our expert conservatory blinds advisors will be able to discuss each of these factors, explain how they will affect the cost of your blinds and working with you, will be able to suggest conservatory blinds that fit with your individual requirements and most importantly, your budget.

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