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How to get more use out of your conservatory

Conservatories are the perfect way to add space and light to your home, but all that glass brings its own problems. Sadly, it seems that many people end up not using their conservatories at all because, as one owner puts it, “It is too cold in the winter and like a sauna in summer.”

If you suffer from any of the following problems – there is a solution.

  • My conservatory gets unbearably hot in summer
  • The glare is a real problem when trying to watch the TV
  • My conservatory is too cold in winter and costs a fortune to heat.
  • I have concerns about my privacy when in my conservatory

The Causes

The biggest cause of glare, heat loss and overheating is primarily the conservatory roof, followed by the conservatory side windows and doors. Even the latest hi-tech glass, which can significantly reduce heat gain and glare in summer isn’t always enough, and it doesn’t address the problem of heat loss during the winter months.
Thankfully all of these problems can be overcome with the installation of custom made conservatory roof and side blinds from an expert blind supplier.

Potential Solutions:

Conservatory roof blinds

marla conservatory roof blindsConservatory roof blinds are a practical, flexible, and attractive solution. They are usually made-to-measure using a range of fabrics that are energy efficient, beautiful to look at, and easy to clean. They come in a variety of styles including pleated, woodweave and roller blinds, with or without specialist solar control coatings and a range of convenient operation methods including electric remote control.

Roof blinds can be manufactured to fit all the glass panel shapes found in the modern conservatory, dramatically reducing glare, heat gain and heat loss. Simple and easy to use, they can be partially or fully opened, on sunny days, to control heat and provide shade, as well as offering increased privacy.

Conservatory Side Window & Door Blinds

marla conservatory side window and door blindsConservatory side blinds are available in a wide range of styles including vertical, roller, venetian, pleated & roman.

They too are made-to-measure using modern, energy efficient, solar-reflective fabrics that look beautiful and are easy to clean. They come in a range of designs and fittings suitable for all types of conservatory.

The wide range of available styles and fitting options makes it possible for multiple windows to be covered with a single blind, reducing unnecessary expense.

“No drill” Conservatory Roof & Side Blinds

marla no-drill conservatory roof and side blindsIt is now possible to buy a range of roof and side blinds that do not require screwing to your window or roof panel frames. This innovative system eliminates any permanent damage to your conservatory.

Available as pleated, roller and venetian blinds, they simply click into place offering a perfect solution if you would prefer not drill holes into the conservatory.

Simple installation and removal of the blinds. Easy to clean. Available in the same extensive range of fabrics available as the standard systems.

Conservatory Sails

Modern, Stylish and Easy to Maintain – Our Conservatory SailsMarla conservatory sail blinds offer a practical solution to glare and conservatory overheating.

Our conservatory sails use a combination of custom designed stretch fabric panels to reflect unwanted heat and provide much-needed shade during the summer months.

Conservatory Sails are manufactured in the UK using an exclusive, high performance solar control fabric which reduces heat gain, provides shade and reduces the effects of the suns harsh rays.

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