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It’s curtains for echo problems in new performing arts centre

Marla Conservatory Blinds - St Annes SchoolCommercial curtains can on be an ideal solution to acoustic issues and so when Marla Custom Blinds were contacted by St Anne’s School, Southampton to ask if we could solve a tricky problem with noise echo in their new Performing Arts Centre we were only too happy to help.

The solution was two sets of huge, heavyweight commercial curtains on bespoke curved tracks for the back walls of their two stages. And, if that was not a big enough challenge, the timeline was also extremely tight.

The curtains had to be fitted before the official opening ceremony of the new centre on 4th December 2013.

Marla Conservatory Blinds - St Annes SchoolUndaunted, out skilled team set to work to create the massive curtains. One was 13.5 metres wide, and 4.5 meters high whilst the other was 15 metres wide by 2.5 metres high. That’s a lot of curtain!

With two days to spare, our installation team set to work installing the bespoke curved tracks needed to support the commercial curtains and allow fully corded operation.

All was looking great until, on the morning of the opening day itself one of the curtains stuck! What could have been an embarrassing disaster was quickly resolved when our fitters arrived to fix the problem within the hour. The opening ceremony went off without a hitch later the same day.


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