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Head Office Support Allows Marla Custom Blinds Franchisee to Tackle Challenging Project with Ease

Franchisee support for challenging project.

When it comes to conservatory roof blinds and shades, it’s a fact that no two conservatories are ever the same

Each poses unique challenges. When Marla Custom Blind franchisee Andrew Benson, visited Manor Farm in Totnes to survey a sunroom, he was confronted with an unusually challenging puzzle.

As he looked up at the custom-built roof, he thanked his lucky stars he’d be able to call upon the specialist expertise of our head office support team.

The customers’ shopping list included.

● Blind material that reduced heat and glare while still allowing some light in when closed
● A colour and texture that was in keeping with the character of this traditional property
● Fixings and detailing that were also in character.
● Blinds that could cope with a maximum drop of four meters over two of the roof panels

Thanks to his in-depth training, Andrew was able to assure his clients that all their requirements were within his capabilities. After viewing Marla’s extensive range of materials and trims, they chose our classic woodweave conservatory roof blinds in antique white with a contrast stone-coloured tape and traditional brass eyelets.

Andrew proceeded to take initial measurements and photographs of the unusually shaped roof before returning to his office to discuss the project with Marla’s MD, Martin Froud, prior to preparing the design and quote.

His design had to take account of a variety of differently sized roof beams, the pointed shape of the roof, and the unusually long central panels. After reviewing various options with Martin, Andrew came up with a solution that met all his customer’s technical as well as aesthetic needs. Finally, he prepared the quote and sent it off to the client.

To Andrew’s delight, they accepted, and so another site visit was arranged and with the assistance of Martin, Andrew took final manufacturing measurements, confirmed where and how the blinds were to be installed and made sure the customer was fully aware of all that was to be done. Once everything was finalised, he was able to give Marla’s expert manufacturing team the go-ahead to make up the blinds.

The total order, which included 15 blind sections, handmade inside fixings, and a traditional brass end hook pole, came to £4300 including installation.

When he installed the blinds a few weeks later, they fitted perfectly, and the client told Andrew that his elegant solution and the finished result had exceeded their expectations.

Martin Froud, Marla Custom Blinds MD, says, “I‘d like to congratulate Andrew on another excellent installation. I am proud to say that all of our Marla Custom Blind franchisees have the same “can do” attitude. They also have access to all the franchisee support they need from our head office team, allowing them to tackle even the most challenging projects successfully.

We’ll leave the last words to the customers.
“Andrew’s work for Marla Custom Blinds was outstanding. We had Wood Weave blinds fitted in a very demanding sunroom, and his attention to detail and reliability was fantastic. We have no hesitation in recommending him.”
Mr & Mrs J. Totnes, Devon.

If you’d like to become a franchisee and benefit from the same kind of training and support that Andrew gets, please take a look at the Marla Custom Blinds franchise opportunity page or call us today on 01329 849922.

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