Build Your Marla Franchise In a £1 Billion Marketplace

When you first consider a new business opportunity, it always makes sense to conduct your market research first – so you know the size and nature of your potential customer base.

Operating within the £1 billion UK marketplace for custom fitted blinds – Marla offers focused franchise partners the chance to target the three most profitable areas of this exciting sector – the residential, commercial and contract markets.

And as we’ve consistently proven over the years, if you work hard and complete your franchise training, and continue to follow the business model, it’s realistic for driven franchisees to earn in excess of £60,000 a year serving this lucrative client base.

As Marla is committed to investing in the latest technology, the fast-moving residential market is always a happy hunting ground for Marla partners.

Whatever the hottest new interior design trend and this season’s most sought after colours – our dedication to R&D will set you apart with the ability to offer custom conservatory blinds, attractive hand-fitted shutters and sleek modern awnings.

Offices and commercial premises always have a requirement for high quality blinds and shutters, with existing cheap or neglected blinds creating a great opportunity for our new business owners. In this context, our bespoke design and fitting service has a track record of proving very popular with businesses of all sizes across many different sectors.

We can also provide blinds and awnings for retail premises, so you can pitch to new clients with the confidence our product range can handle any requirement.

Marla are also adept at tapping into the profitable opportunities presented by local authority contracts and teach and guide our franchisees with their own tenders for this market. With local governments required to constantly update and maintain their housing stock, the market here is massive. Add in the potential presented by business park management firms who often have national on-going requirements for blinds and shutters – and the contract marketplace is simply bursting with new business possibilities.

Combine these three lucrative market sectors with Marla’s bid tendering and client acquisition training – and it’s not hard to see how new franchisees can relatively quickly hit the £60,000 in earnings mark and build a business they’re proud of. We’d love you to join them.

To get more information about who we are and how we can finally help you start your own business, please visit our Franchise website:

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